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Getting a writing prompt and a story challenge was the basis of this little ditty. Plus it's Valentine's Day What could be better? It could only be 500 words so I admit it does a little more telling then showing then I would normally like to do. The prompt was one word, "Desire" Did I hit it? Should I win? Let me know

My President's Day Story to You

I played around with this and thought it was amusing. Do you agree?

Uncle Mortimer's Day at the Beach

I wrote this story for a Writers Digest "Enter your story contest" It had to be 700 words long and based on the above picture. What do you think?

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Book Review "Valiant Dust,     Breaker of Empires"  Book 1

It's a book in the tradition of Honor Harrington, Space Opera and well...

Hero VS Anti-Hero

This post gives you thoughts on Hero Vs Anti-Hero with examples from stories I've read.

Into the Guns, a book by William C Dietz

Into the Guns is a good book, could have been a great book.

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I write the stories that I want to read. That was explained to me as an excellent reason for writing. My Muse and I have a daily discussion on what should be written next and most of the time we agree. Follow 'us' on Twitter to see how those conversations go. I am hopefully going to be having more than my thoughts and book reviews I am hoping that I will expand out to reviewing of role playing games. Follow along on Twitter and become part of the conversation.

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