The movie "Dunkirk" and an IMAX Theatre

The movie "Dunkirk" and an IMAX Theatre

August 2, 2017

I am sure you don't need me to tell you that 'Dunkirk' was a good movie, if not a great movie.  It was!  Sweeping cinematography, the views from the cockpit were impressive and it wasn't a movie about cockpits.

I liked the characters that we were suppose to like and I liked the characters we were suppose to dislike, the actors and crew did an awesome job in putting this movie together.

Alright, was there something I didn't like?  Yes, from a historical perspective I didn't like that there was no voice of Churchill in the background giving his famous 'On the Beaches" speech.  From what I can gather, not being that old, that his speech was one of the major driving forces that got the small ships/boats across the channel to Dunkirk.  If it was a big deal then I think it should have been included.  Seriously though if that is the only fault with the film is my .02 issue with something being left out that doesn't take away from the film over all.

The part that I didn't enjoy or like about the experience was the IMAX theatre itself.  Tickets costing more than $20.00 a piece?  I mean $50.00 or so for a couple to go to a movie?  Who can afford to date with ticket prices like this?  Not this guy.  Now someone is going to say "but yes, you did see it in an IMAX Theatre.  I did, it was my choice I totally agree with you.  I though want a $20.00 plus per ticket experience.  The movie was late in starting, some sort of technical difficulty.  There were times that the film got a little, jittery?  It wasn't quite clear for a second or two and then fixed itself.  The seating was horrid.  I am use to having reclining seats or at least comfortable seats in an IMAX theatre.  These weren't.  I did feel that the gentlemen two my right and I could have easily shared a popcorn and a drink.  I like having room when I sit down.  I have to say I have an expectation when I'm paying this much money for a ticket.  The popcorn was also a bit subpar, there was plenty of oil, no one can call that stuff butter, on it, but there was no salt, bleah.

So, unless you KNOW your IMAX theatre is set up to be comfortable I would not spend your money on a sub par experience.  Check your popcorn too before you sit down.

Did you see 'Dunkirk'?  Regular movie theatre?  What did you think?  Please, let me know.

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