Into the Guns, a book by William C Dietz

Into the Guns, a book by William C Dietz

January 24, 2018

So, in my attempt to read more it is having the unexpected consequence that I am reviewing more books.  Again, a shout out goes to the Library System for being awesome and providing books for my reading and reviewing pleasure.  Let’s get to it.  Most if not all of my reviews have spoilers so be warned.

Mr. William C. Dietz’s novel “Into the Guns” The first of a new series “America Rising” was a quick read.  My impression, there were a number of reasons for this, some of them good, some of them could’ve been better.  The story was interesting to me, I wanted to find out what happened, I was rooting for the main characters Mac and Sloan.  Mac is First Lieutenant Robin “Mac” Macintyre, her father is a famous general, her sister is a successful Army officer.  Her sister, Victoria and her Father, General Macintyre are both graduates of West Point, Mac went a different way through OCS Officer Candidate School much to the disappointment of the general.

Frank Sloan was the Secretary of Energy and had greatness thrust upon him by having everyone above him die in the disaster of a giant meteor shower and then China shooting off it’s missiles thinking someone shot at them first.  The Chinese did wind up saying “Oops, sorry” We don’t learn a lot about Sloan’s previous life before the catastrophe I am going to guess he was an OK guy.  I should mention that Sloan becomes President of the United States Frank Sloan.

The story is a little, thin?  The main hash of it all is that there are southern businessmen that want to be in charge. “The New Order” sounds a little nefarious and well that is the name of the organization of the bad guys in the Star Wars movie, “The Last Jedi”.  No, I do not think that they are the same bad guys, I’m going with unfortunate timing.

I did find it interesting to note that different groups of the bag guys from motorcycle gangs, which are all over the place it seems in this story, and the turncoat bad guys all ride, you guessed it, motorcycles.  I am not sure if this is an unintended bias on the part of the author or he senses motorcycle riders are badass and of course they would be the ones to take over and be opportunistic.  I am going with the former mainly due to the fact no one riding a motorcycle does anything for the good of the people.

I felt a little cheated with there not being any explanation for some of the more big-ticket items of the story?  The South is able to take over all the satellites in orbiting earth.  How?  Who? I would think this would be a pretty big deal.  Now granted I do have a computer and history background and others might find the takeover of a satellite akin to watching grass grow, I found it a missing hole in the story.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention now what I found to be the most glaring omission, to me, in the book, not the story to be clear, in the book.  No maps.  I’m sorry a book that is about the United States, with the main characters going to different areas a map is not an option but necessary.  I would like to see the “New Mason Dixon Line”.  I would not have minded a diagram or two of the “Defense Towers” spoken about.  Diagrams of the armament would be a bonus.  Not everyone who reads military dystopian fiction has been in the military and a picture of a Stryker or a Bradley Fighting Vehicle would be a bonus.   I would add to that more than once the author points out that Mac is claustrophobic in a Stryker.  Showing the reader why someone might sense confinement would be a great help in visualizing what the character is going through.

Now, I did like how for the most part the military was attempting to help the citizens of the United Sates, very heroic as well as honorable.  What I want our military to be.  I was amused that one of the generals wanted to do a scaled down “Market Garden”, get some men behind enemy lines, being the wagon train cut off by the Indians.  (Or Native Americans) to take an oil facility and have an armored division act like the cavalry, racing to the rescue.  The plan had very similar results to “Market Garden” and I will leave that at that.

So, did I like and or enjoy the book?  Yes.  Will I read the next one?  If it is at my library yes, I will.  Will I find other books by this author?  Yes.  Mr. Dietz is quite the prolific writer and author having twenty plus books published with a number of different series under his belt.  The largest series that I found inside of this book is “Legion of the Damned” After I post this I will be going to my libraries web page to see if I can reserve a copy.

My largest complaint about the book?  It’s too short.  I don’t know if it would have benefited from another character, maybe a techno wiz that was working for himself as a mercenary and wanted to control the Internet.  Something from the Chinese and their “Oops” moment.  A short chapter about how all of this was affecting the normal everyday person?  Or affecting the social life of one of the people on the base?  Perhaps a flashback bit about how something in Mac’s past helped her a decision she made about going mercenary?  I don’t know I think that the book could have been longer and with the prices of books?  I like to see that I am getting the bang for my buck.  I suppose since I did get this from the library I should say “That I find myself taking 24 hours to read a good book, slightly disappointing, which could have been a great book had it been longer and had a map.”

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