Taking a break

Taking a break

February 14, 2018

Xen wasn’t sure why she was feeling lethargic of late.  It wasn’t like she didn’t sleep when she was away from home, out in the wilds, on an Adventure or anything.  No, she thought she slept fine.  There was an oddness though to things lately, like she had done this all before, just yesterday or something. 
Skulking up to the cave mouth, her friends called it skulking she preferred to think of it as being careful, carefully skulking up to the cave mouth she peered in side.  Seeing nothing awry she moved into the cave itself taking every advantage of the shadows that were thrown about the area.  Something caught her attention, she turned to get a better glimpse and nothing the world went black… 
“Is this death?  I died?” Xen asked the darkness.  There was no answer, she felt that she was floating, was this limbo?  “Hello, hello, can anyone hear me?”  Xen tried to beat her hands against the walls but she couldn’t touch anything, she couldn’t move anywhere, she was floating, in Entropy.  She felt better having named where she was instead of thinking of it as a huge void.  That would have been mind-numbing and scary instead of being scary only. 
How was she going to get out of here?  How did she get into here?  “Someone has to hear me, if I stay in a place for much longer I will go insane.”  There was a bit of insanity to this spectacle, she realized, that she couldn’t kill herself.  She was stuck, not being able to eat, drink, breath had its advantages.   Not being sure exactly what they all were, she did note that at least she didn’t need a drink of water but she also didn’t have to go to the bathroom.  Time began to have little meaning to her, then again, sanity had a lot less meaning… 
Stacy looked up and saw a folder sticking out of her bookcase.  Opening it up she saw a sheet of paper; “Well, shoot me in the foot and cover me in peanut butter.”  “Mom?  What was that?  You talking to me?”  Stacy shook her head “No darlin, just to myself.  Found something from my college days, surprised me is all.”  Claire walked into the room, looking to see what her mom had found “What is that, an old folder?”  Stacy nodded, smiling “Yes, I know it is hard to believe but a thousand years ago your father and I were considered cool.  We played games with our friends, it was an excuse to get out of the dorms.”  Claire snorted “A reason to hook up you mean.”  “I never young lady, hooked up, your father and I didn’t do that sort of thing.”  Taking the folder from her mom’s hands Claire had to stop herself from saying ‘yes dear’. 
“What is it, anyway?  I mean besides a folder I can see that.”  Opening the folder and showing Claire “We called it a character sheet, roleplaying games back then, were popular.”  Claire nodded and Stacy finished the story “We were playing and right in the middle Jennifer had gotten asked to be married by your Uncle Chet.”  “Skinny Jennifer?  The one that makes her own soap and stuff, she did roleplaying games?”  Stacy smiled “Yes, she did, was pretty good too.”  Claire looked at her mom for a moment in disbelief.  “I don’t know she always seemed like such a stick in the mud.”  Stacy laughed “No, Jennifer was not like that at all, in fact I was surprised when she finished school.  I thought she was husband shopping.” 
“So, you played a character named Xen, huh?”  “Yep, she was my half elf rogue.  She did a lot of cool stuff.”  Claire rolled her eyes “Yes mom” “Anyway, we stopped playing after that, right in the middle of the game night.”  Looking down at the sheet “I always wondered what happened to characters that stopped getting played, guess now I will never know.”  Claire had better things she wanted to be doing “I am sure she lived a ripe life, lived to be over 500 years old.  It isn’t like she is sitting stone still somewhere waiting for you to think about her again.”  Nodding her head “Oh, I know, this is weird, I know, but I always thought that the characters kind of froze in place, waiting for the player to come back.”  Claire stopped for a second “that sounds weird and a little freaky to me.  I mean what happens if you don’t think about her again?  She dies?”  “I don’t know… or go crazy I guess…” 


What does happen when you stop playing your #dnd character

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