Jaysin and the Jewel

Jaysin and the Jewel

February 14, 2018

Taking a small bit of wood that was barely a fingers width and not much longer than a finger to boot Oleander began to touch the gem with the tip of the wood.  “Where did you get this again?”  “It was my portion of the reward, so I suppose I was given it by those that sent us.”  The priest looked at the elf a bit more closely now “That isn’t really what I asked you, the question is, where did you physically get this item Elf?” 

It seemed that Jaysin was just beginning to say something when he stopped, then tried again, then stopped again.  Duke Loren looked at the elf oddly, like there was something seriously wrong with him.  Oleander merely nodded his head “I thought so, you’re cursed, or at least this gem is.  This gem is not giving any assistance in the least, not that it should, but it isn’t.”  Jaysin didn’t say anything and Loren merely nodded before asking “What then are you going to do?”  “Do?  Do?  I have not been able to think that far ahead, what is it that you’d like me to do, what are you willing to pay me to do, do you think he wants me to do anything?  I would think right now that with such a cursed item, no one is going to want to do anything?” 

Duke Loren was a bit surprised by Oleander’s response “I was under the impression that Priests, like you, did this sort of thing all the time.  Find a curse, see a person under the influence of a curse, remove curse, hopefully get a convert to your religion because you showed off the power of your deity.  Isn’t this the way things usually work?  Have I been misinformed or something?”  Oleander shrugged “I am a Priest but I also have invoices to pay, tithes to make, information to gather.  I have needs, and well I cannot hope that these needs would be taken care of by prayer alone.  If you want me to do something I will need some sort of compensation.” 

For just a moment it looked like Duke Loren might make some comment, he was known to dabble some in the Priestly Arts, even though he was not a member of the clergy of the White Lights, nor was he a member in good or bad standing with the 35 gods.  Plunking down a pouch that obviously had some sort of coin in it, from the clank.  “Be about it, remove the curse.”  Oleander knew how to not smile and took the coin purse slipping it into his belt pouch.  “Well then, let me get started.” 
The spell took less time to cast then it took to set up with the different items that were required by the cleric.  Duke Loren didn’t complain but did keep a sharp eye on the tally of expenses in case things got too far out of hand.  In what was about three hours later Oleander pronounced “The curse had been stymied but not removed.”  Loren and Jaysin both looked at the cleric before Jasyin asked “What does that mean exactly?” 

Oleander handed the gem to Jaysin “it means, that the Wizard Gismond’s essence?  His soul?  His memories?  Whatever you might want to call them are inside of that gem and he is more than a little annoyed at being taken away from his tower.”  “He is annoyed that I took him from his tower?  What wizardly babble is this?”  Oleander stopped, sat down, and with a gesture suggested Jaysin sit down too.  Loren had left a while ago after hearing the pronouncement that the curse had been stopped.  
“What it means it that Gismond was in the middle of making a phylactery, you know what that is, correct?”  “Do I look like I am a font of knowledge for all things in a wizard’s lab or what their terms mean?  No, I have no idea what a phylactery is, do tell.”  “A phylactery is where a wizard, actually, usually more of a sorcerer than a wizard but I digress, keeps his secret power, his essence, for want of a better term.  Gismond was on his way to become a lich but you stopped him when you stole this.”  Oleander said as he touched the gem with his gloved right hand. 

“But he was already dead, that tower had been empty for years.”  “I don’t know what to tell you Jaysin, except that his essence is in that gym, very much aware, and that he was and is really annoyed with you for moving him.  I felt that with the spell I cast to have him stop cursing you.  The curse which is have everyone hate you until you return the gem back to his tower, has been put on hold.”  Jaysin looked at the gem sitting on the table.  “For how long?”  Oleander looked out the window, watching as the moon all but filled up the night sky.  “You have 28 days my young friend to get this gem back to Gismond’s tower and for you to make peace with his spirit.”  “Make peace with his spirit but we just laid him to rest, that is what we did when we went to the tower in the first place.”  Oleander nodded “I am sure that you thought you did, you didn’t, obviously, because he is in a very sturdy prison.”  Pointing at the gym. 

Shaking  his head Jaysin then shrugged “Well it isn’t like I knew what to do with a lot of down time, anyway.  Back to Gismond’s Tower I suppose.”  Oleander nodded “I wouldn’t go alone.”  Jaysin nodded “Oh I’m not you are coming with me.  I saw how much Duke Loren paid you it is good for at least a week and the tower isn’t far away and since you put a hold on the curse, you are probably the best person I can think of to lay the wizard to a long and peaceful sleep.”  
Oleander tried to talk his way out of the journey but he knew he was stuck when Jaysin mentioned the payment, his clerical vows wouldn’t let him get out the arrangement.  “We can pick up my friend Credence, and more than likely Olaf as our muscle, we should be in great shape for this outing.”  Oleander just nodded knowing nothing was going to be easy.  Jaysin shook his head “All I know is down time between time spent in the wilds can get quite expensive and much more dangerous than any time spent in a forest.”  Oleander chuckled “And you are a procurer, you are supposed to like cities.”  Jaysin nodded “I know, what does it say about me I wonder?” 


A story of the downtime for Jaysin, a wayward adventuerer and part time wealth redistributor.

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