May 29, 2018

Damn it, I wanted that.  I wanted that more than I have wanted anything in my entire life.  It wasn’t because I was told that it was going to give me something.  It wasn’t like if I had some I was suddenly going to understand the meaning of life.  Who care about the meaning of life?  I didn’t.  I wanted to taste it, I wanted t chew it, I wanted to swallow it.  I wanted it, badly.

Being told that you couldn’t have something made you want it all the more.  Wasn’t that the way it always went?  I know that it was that way with me.  Then to be offered it, but before I could have any little bit of it, I had to share it.  Why in the name of all things in the sky would I ever want to share it?  I ask you does that make any sense to you at all?  I think that if I don’t get it? I’m going to die.  Then I wonder where would they all be if I just up and died?  Nowhere, that is where they all would be.

Why was it that men always thought they had to be in control?  Telling me what I could do what I couldn’t do.  There they were again, telling me I couldn’t taste the thing until HE had some.  Just because he was my partner shouldn’t mean that I had to listen to what he told me to do.  I liked having options, it was what got me into this position all along wasn’t it?

It sat there right where he left it to tempt me.  All red, all delicious, all tangy, I knew it was going to be all of those things, I knew that once I had one bite of it, it was going to be the best bite out of anything in the cosmos could ever be.  That little bastard had always been tempting me with different things, he even wanted to have sex with me, I knew that was wrong, there was no way I was going to do that with him, he was all, slimy looking.  I wasn’t ever going to ever be that hard up.

No, I wanted it, I really did, but I wanted to be first.  That is what I desired above all else I wanted to be the one to take the first bite out the damn thing.  I didn’t care what it was going to cost me in the end.  I’d give up my soul to have the first bite.

I realized right then and there I had lost, I wouldn’t do that.  I would not lose my soul over it.  Oh, I still wanted it, but I’d play by the stupid rules of the game and I’d let Him have the first bite.  I would savor the second, enjoy it, I knew that at some point I’d get what I desired most, I didn’t know what that was yet.

“Oh Adam?”


Getting a writing prompt and a story challenge was the basis of this little ditty. Plus it's Valentine's Day What could be better? It could only be 500 words so I admit it does a little more telling then showing then I would normally like to do. The prompt was one word, "Desire" Did I hit it? Should I win? Let me know

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